How Much Do Autoclaves Cost?

October 23, 2023

Autoclaves can be expensive but they’re a valuable investment for the medical industry, dental practices, hospitals, and other businesses that require high levels of safety. They are also used in industrial environments to process parts and materials using heated steam and elevated pressure, including pressure-treated woods and specialized rubbers.

As you shop for an autoclave, be sure to look for one that offers energy- and water-saving features to help reduce your utility costs. Additionally, select an autoclave that prioritizes durability and reliability to minimize maintenance and repair expenses down the road. For example, an autoclave with a durable lid gasket like the TOMY SX-Series only requires replacement once every 1,000 operating hours, saving you significant long-term maintenance expenses.

Proper autoclave maintenance includes both self-service and professional service performed by factory-trained and authorized technicians. On the self-service side, your facility personnel should perform consistent visual inspections, daily drain strainer cleaning and weekly wipe-down of the chamber. Additionally, scheduled maintenance checks by an authorized technician should be conducted once per year. This schedule allows the technician to spot and resolve potential issues before they cause costly downtime or poor equipment performance. This preventative maintenance ensures your autoclave continues to operate safely and efficiently. This helps protect your investment and supports uninterrupted laboratory operations.


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