How Much Do Amazon Recruiters Make?

January 9, 2024

Those seeking to find out how much do amazon recruiters make should know that the company does not disclose compensation details publicly. However, it is known to offer competitive salaries and a robust stock package. It is also well known for skipping some of the traditional tech industry perks, such as free food and massages.

A recently leaked internal document offers a glimpse at what the company might pay an applicant, with the level of compensation depending on where the candidate is located and the job’s title and function. A sample compensation plan for a recruiting associate shows that the base salary starts at $160,000, but is higher in the San Francisco Bay area and New York City metropolitan areas. The rest of the package, reportedly made up of two-year sign-on bonuses and restricted stock units, is dependent on the individual’s level in the company.

The top 10 cities where the average Amazon recruiter salary is above the national average include Richmond, CA, Bellevue, WA, and Santa Clara, CA. However, the differences in pay between these locations are fairly minimal, further reinforcing the limited potential for significant wage advancement by changing location.

To increase their chances of getting hired, aspiring Amazon recruiters should brush up on their computer science skills and be ready for a coding test. Candidates should also be prepared to answer questions about Amazon’s 14 leadership principles, such as customer obsession and frugality, as well as their personal career story.


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