How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make in California?

November 4, 2023

How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make in California

The amount that Amazon delivery drivers earn varies depending on a number of factors, including the area where they work and their experience. In general, experienced delivery drivers make more than new drivers. The cost of living in different areas also impacts the salaries that Amazon drivers can expect to receive.

In addition to their salaries, Amazon drivers can enjoy a variety of benefits and perks that are not offered by other delivery services. For example, they can get access to child and elder care facilities that help them save money on daycare costs. Amazon also offers competitive health care plans for its drivers. It also provides family and personal leave, which can be beneficial for mothers who wish to return to work after having a baby.

Full-time Amazon drivers can benefit from a 401(k) retirement plan and life insurance. They can also cash out their paid sick days if they feel unwell. In addition, they can also enjoy shopping discounts for themselves and their families.

Flex drivers are independent contractors who use their own vehicles for deliveries. They can earn tips based on customer satisfaction. However, they must pay for mileage, parking fees, and tolls. Additionally, they must keep their vehicle in good condition. As a result, it is important to consider the total expenses before taking up this gig. Unlike regular delivery drivers, flex drivers do not have to worry about getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Instead, they can work on a flexible schedule and make as much as they want.


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