How Much Do Air Force Mechanics Make?

March 16, 2024

Aircraft mechanics repair and maintain airplanes, helicopters, and other military aircraft. They also diagnose problems, test parts for functionality and performance, and make adjustments as needed. They must ensure that the aircraft is safe to fly, ensuring that it has been adequately serviced with fuel, hydraulic fluid, and liquid oxygen. They often must call for specialists to help them with complex repairs, as well.

The salary of an aircraft mechanic depends on a number of factors. First, there is the location of the job. Some cities are known to pay higher salaries than others. In addition, the level of education can affect how much a mechanic makes. A mechanic with a bachelor’s degree will typically earn more than a mechanic with an associate’s degree.

If you are interested in becoming an aircraft mechanic, you can attend one of the many aviation maintenance technician schools in the country. Southern Utah University Aviation offers one of the few AMT programs that includes helicopter maintenance in its curriculum. This will allow you to work on both airplanes and helicopters after graduation.

The average salary of an aircraft mechanic in the United States is $62,640. However, the salary can vary greatly depending on the location and other factors. To find out more about how much an aircraft mechanic makes in your area, visit Comparably. It’s free to join, and you can compare salaries anonymously. You can even see how much an aircraft mechanic in your city makes compared to the national average.


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