How Much Do 60 Days In Participants Make?

December 10, 2023

The popular A&E show 60 Days In has a fascinating premise: volunteers check into a real jail and go undercover to reveal flaws in the facility’s management. The series is incredibly well-received, and many viewers want to know if the participants are paid for their efforts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the answer to that question and explore other aspects of the program.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the primary motivation for most 60 Days In participants is not financial gain. Rather, they are seeking to raise awareness of issues surrounding prisons and the criminal justice system. Additionally, they may be hoping to understand a family member’s incarceration or use the experience as a way to pursue a career in law enforcement or corrections. As such, the stipend they receive while on the show is viewed more as an acknowledgement of their commitment than a significant amount of compensation.

That said, the production team does pay the facility where they’re filming a generous sum for the privilege of using their facilities. According to one insider, the company typically pays the Clark County Jail in Indiana $500 per day during filming. Add in the cost of crew salaries, production offices, editing and post-production, venue rental, transportation, equipment hire, insurances, and maintenance, and you’ve got a budget of about $375,000 per episode.


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