How Many Surfers Die a Year

October 4, 2023

While it’s certainly true that people do die surfing, the sport is not nearly as dangerous as it might seem. In fact, most surfers are more likely to die from a pre-existing medical condition than they are of being attacked by a shark or drowned while paddling out. That’s not to say that people don’t die surfing, but when they do, it is almost always due to a combination of factors, including being caught in a rip current and getting separated from their board.

There are a number of other dangers that can lead to a surfer’s death as well, but these are less common. For example, people can drown if they are slammed in the head by a wave or if they are swept away by a strong tidal current. Additionally, some surfers have died from piercing their legs when they are trying to get into the water.

In most cases, when people die while surfing it is because of a pre-existing health issue or because they were knocked unconscious by another surfer or by their own board. That’s why it’s important that everyone surfs within their limits and is always vigilant of the surroundings.

This statistic serves as a reminder that, while the ocean can be dangerous, it is still a beautiful and fun place to be. The majority of surfers’ deaths, however, are not shark attacks or rip currents, but rather the result of being slammed in the head by the bottom of a wave or being caught in a shark attack.


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