How Many People Have Died on the Road to Hana?

March 11, 2024

The Road to Hana, a 52-mile stretch of winding and narrow mountainous roads and 59 bridges in Maui’s remote eastern corner, may have an intimidating reputation. After all, if you’re used to freeways and highways, driving a single lane on the side of a lush tropical forest can feel a bit treacherous. But if you’re a Hawaii local, the Road to Hana is just another day on the island, and there are so many amazing stops along the way.

The answer to how many people have died on the road to hana is actually very few. For the most part, the road is safe as long as you follow traffic laws and don’t try to race other drivers (who are often going much faster than they should).

But there is one place on the road where you might encounter a problem: A 29-year-old Utah woman was flown to hospital on Wednesday after she slipped off a cliff ledge near the Hana Highway and was rescued by helicopter, police say. She didn’t give her name, but was identified in court documents as Alexandria Duval.

Fortunately, she was one of the few visitors to be airlifted from the area that day and there haven’t been any further injuries or deaths on the highway. But if you’re planning on visiting this incredible route, I’d recommend getting an early start and bringing plenty of water to drink. It’s also a good idea to pack your lunch or food as there are very few restaurants or shops on the road.


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