How Many People Have Died on Rollercoasters?

March 3, 2024

Rollercoasters are a major source of fun and excitement for thrill seekers and families alike. They can provide a lot of exhilaration and even offer some breathtaking views depending on the ride. However, they are also dangerous and can cause injury. The number of rollercoaster deaths is actually quite low, and a lot of them are not even related to rides at all. However, when they do happen, it is scary.

There have been 51 non-occupational fatalities at theme parks recorded by the Consumer Product Safety Commission between 1987 and 2000. The majority of these incidents were associated with roller coasters, but a few have involved other rides as well. For example, a woman was ejected from her seat on the Top Scan ride at Adventureland in Long Island and died.

In other cases, people have suffered from a wide range of injuries. They can include cuts, broken bones, and torn ligaments. They can also suffer from neck trauma and traumatic brain injuries. In addition, they can drown in water slides and other amusement park rides.

It is incredibly unlikely that you will ever die on a roller coaster. This is because they are put through a variety of different tests to ensure that they meet specific safety codes. Additionally, a large number of agencies spend time monitoring the operation of these rides. This is what helps keep the number of death and serious injury to a minimum. That is why it is important to always follow all of the recommended precautions while riding a roller coaster and not try to push yourself too far past your comfort zone.


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