How Many People Have Died at the Grand Canyon in 2019?

March 18, 2024

The Grand Canyon is home to a wide variety of beautiful scenery, but it also has one of the deadliest national park death tolls. On average it claims the lives of 12 people every year. The Grand Canyon is not as big as other national parks, but it still covers an incredible 1,900 square miles and is full of dangers.

It has no roads, and most of its visitors travel to the canyon via planes, mule rides, or hiking trails. Around 40,000 people a year backpack into the canyon for overnight stays that can last up to several weeks. But the vast majority of visitors are day hikers, and most of them do not go very far down the trail.

Hiking to the bottom of the canyon is a grueling and dangerous endeavor. Many people who try it will fall and die. It is especially dangerous for young children and people who are not in good physical condition.

While most falls at the Grand Canyon are accidental, some are not. A man from Odessa, Texas jumped into the canyon in 2000 to commit suicide. He landed in some trees, and the impact broke all of his bones except for his head. He was able to survive the fall, but he ended up suffering from severe injuries and brain trauma.

In 2019, three people died in accidents involving falling at the Grand Canyon within just a few weeks of each other. One of them was a 50-year-old man who was taking pictures near the Skywalk when he lost his footing and fell over the edge. The other two deaths involved people who were trying to complete the rim to rim hike, a difficult and dangerous trek that requires serious training and conditioning.


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