How Many People Have Died at Kings Island Amusement Park?

January 12, 2024

Since Kings Island opened in Ohio in 1972, 29 people have died at the popular amusement park. Of those, 11 were killed by external causes, like falling or ejecting from the ride while it was moving. The rest were attributed to misdeeds by the patrons, such as disabling safety devices or entering restricted areas.

The other deaths involved mechanical failures, such as crashes and derailments. And three were tied to pre-existing medical conditions, including a heart condition in one case. Of the remaining victims, six were on roller coasters. The Son of Beast accident, which caused a wood beam to crack and send 27 riders to the hospital, happened in 2006. The park voluntarily removed the ride's 118-foot loop after that incident.

In the last decade alone, Kings Island has been hit with two deadly accidents involving seated riders. A woman was thrown from the Flight Commander (or maybe Skylab) ride, and another person was electrocuted in a pond near the German Beer Garden and Viking ship rides.

Thankfully, the park is much safer than it was back when Paramount owned it. Even now, the Cincinnati area's biggest amusement park is far more responsible for its guests and makes safety a priority. Each ride goes through a series of operational, mechanical and electrical tests before it can open.

Kings Island's spokesman said the park works closely with the state agriculture department, which inspects amusement parks and their rides. The park also has its own dad protocols. He says that every ride operator must pass a background check and receive training in ride safety, as well as a refresher course each year.


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