How Many People Died in the Waukesha Parade Attack?

January 26, 2024

WAUKESHA — The death toll in Sunday’s deadly parade attack rose to six on Tuesday, Nov. 23, as family members of 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, who was struck by the suspect’s SUV while marching with his baseball team, received the devastating news that he had died from his injuries. The tragedy has brought a city together, and has made it clear that the wounds of that day will never fully heal.

The horror of the attack was captured by a livestream on the city’s website and by bystanders’ cellphone videos. One video shows a small child dancing in the road next to an SUV that suddenly blazes past and plows into participants. A police officer ran in a chase after the vehicle, and there is sound of gunfire, but Thompson said no bystanders were hit.

Onlookers rushed to help those injured, with people taking children in their own cars to the hospital. Police officers helped triage the victims, and residents drove to the scene to drop off supplies and food. Thompson praised their heroism, and said they worked as a team to get victims to the hospital.

At a Monday news conference, the chief medical officer of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin told reporters that 18 children have been brought to the hospital from the parade incident, ages 3 to 16. The patients include three sets of siblings. The hospital said 10 of those patients are in the intensive care unit.


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