How Many People Died in Buffalo Snow Storm?

February 12, 2024

How many people died in buffalo snow storm

The death toll from a blizzard that pounded Buffalo and much of the northeast is rising. At least 37 people have been killed in Erie County, and that number is expected to rise as authorities continue to investigate. The victims range from those found outside or in their cars to those who suffered cardiac arrest.

In many cases, emergency crews couldn’t reach those who needed help because of road conditions. Police, fire and ambulance workers were trapped in their vehicles or stranded in neighborhoods that were blocked by the wall of snow. One Buffalo city council member has filed critical resolutions calling for an investigation of the response to the storm, including the need for the city to invest in full-time emergency managers.

Some of the deaths occurred in the suburbs, but most were in the city, and at least a dozen of the newly identified victims lived in Cheektowaga. Among them was 74-year-old Dr. Michael Bloom, whose name was on a list of blizzard fatalities that an Erie County official accidentally sent to a Buffalo News reporter in an email Wednesday. His funeral is scheduled for Saturday at the Brian K. Lewis Funeral Home.

A driving ban remains in effect in the city, and Mayor Byron Brown says more than 450 pieces of equipment have been deployed to clear streets. But he warns residents to stay inside until the roads are safe to travel on.


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