How Many People Died From Astroworld?

March 11, 2024

Axel Acosta Avila loved rap music and traveled from Washington to attend the Astroworld festival in Houston. His family says he was an excellent student and a good son and brother. They are one of more than 500 families who have filed a lawsuit against rapper Travis Scott and others involved in the show.

A grand jury has declined to indict rap artist Travis Scott on criminal charges related to the deaths of 10 people at his 2021 Astroworld music festival. The victims, ranging in age from 9 to 27, died of compression asphyxia during the crowd surge that occurred when fans began pushing toward the stage during Scott’s performance at NRG Park.

The Harris County grand jury decided that there is not sufficient evidence to charge Scott or any other person. The decision comes more than two weeks after the deaths of nine fans and the injuries of another 2.400, KPRC 2 reports. The ninth victim, a young boy who was trampled and separated from his father, has been pronounced dead at a children’s hospital in Houston. The last victim, a 22-year-old Texas A&M student, has died from her injuries.

The tragedy raised questions about the safety of events that feature standing-room general admission, or GA. Wertheimer, who has studied the causes of deadly crowd crushes at concerts since 1979, says that if an event has a large number of people, precision planning and management is needed to keep them safe. He says measures include having police in the audience to help monitor the crowd, reducing or eliminating a GA zone with no seats and ensuring there’s a clear system of communication between security officers and stage personnel that can alert them to a problem.


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