How Many People Die at the Grand Canyon Every Year?

February 25, 2024

In a park that sees more visitors than the combined number of people who visit Yosemite, Death Valley and Denali, on average about 12 people die at the Grand Canyon every year. The deaths can come from everything ranging from heat strokes to falling into the river to air crashes and even suicides. But there are some odd and tragic incidents that happen at the canyon that go beyond just these common causes of death.

A few weeks ago a man from Hong Kong jumped off the edge of the Grand Canyon and fell to his death. It was the fourth death in just over a week at the popular national park destination. And though a spokeswoman for the Grand Canyon National Park said the incident did not change their position on adding any new physical safety precautions, it was a reminder of how fragile life can be at this iconic spot.

A lot of these deaths are the result of environmental factors. Temperatures at the canyon can get extremely high in the summer and many hikers are not properly prepared for that kind of heat. Also, many people do not eat enough food and can lose important salt and minerals in their bodies. This can cause dehydration and lead to heart attacks. Then there are the environmental hazards like a river that can be dangerous for rafting and cliffs that are too steep to climb. And there are the occasional falls where a person is simply too close to the edge and loses their footing or tries to take a selfie.


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