How Many Cups In A Can Of Chicken Broth?

April 8, 2023

How Many Cups In A Can Of Chicken Broth?

As a rule, most cans of broth come in between 14 and 15 fluid ounces. Some brands and types of broth can have a slight variance in size, so it’s important to check the label before you purchase a can to be sure you’re getting the correct amount.

1 cup of broth is 8 fluid ounces

When you’re measuring an item that is not liquid, like a cup of flour or a can of ice, you will need to measure in volume cups. These volume cups have specific weight based on the item that you’re measuring.

How to Make Homemade Broth

Making your own stock or broth is a great way to save money. It is also very easy to do. All you need are some basic ingredients, including raw chicken, water and different vegetables, and spices.

Whenever you’re looking to use up leftover chicken, one of my favorite ways is by turning it into a delicious soup! Whether you’re making a soup with carrots and onions or something more complicated, such as a creamy chicken noodle soup, a bowl of hot soup is always a winner!

If you don’t have time to make a pot of homemade broth, there are plenty of commercial versions available that are very convenient and tasty. The most popular brands include Swanson Natural Goodness and Campbell’s chicken broth. It’s best to check the label on the can before you buy a can of chicken broth, to be sure you’re getting the right amount.


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