How Long Would It Take to Walk to the Moon?

February 14, 2024

Getting to the moon takes a lot of time, money and energy. Getting back is even worse, thanks to the lack of gravity, which makes it hard to walk. But what if you could hop in a spaceship, don a spacesuit and walk to the moon? How long would it take you to complete the journey?

The first thing you'd have to figure out is how fast you can walk on the moon. You'll also need to bring food, water and other supplies, which will add to the weight you have to carry around and slow your speed. Then there's the lunar surface itself, which can be dangerous and abrasive. Plus, it goes through a daily cycle where parts of the surface are exposed to solar radiation that can make you sick.

A 2014 study that used a treadmill inside of a jet plane flying special parabolic trajectories on Earth to simulate the lunar gravity found that people could walk at roughly the same speed as they do on Earth, if not faster. And if you use spacesuits that are thin and easy to move in, then you should be able to keep up the pace.

The next big problem is the lunar surface itself, which can vary wildly in temperature from day to night and from one part of the surface to another. That will change the state of regolith, the fine grey soil that covers the solid lunar rock, and affect how fast you can walk.


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