How Long Can A Cricket Live Without Food?

April 8, 2023

Crickets are a common pest that can be a nuisance in the home. They are easily attracted to warmth and moisture, and they can burrow under baseboards and cracks in the home. If you have a cricket problem, there are several methods to get rid of them.

How Long Can A Cricket Live Without Food?

The lifespan of a cricket depends on many factors, including the species and environment. However, they typically live for a year or more. Some house crickets can survive for up to two years indoors, with no predators or cold weather.

Mating and Eggs

Crickets mate during late spring or early summer. They produce a chirping sound to attract females. When a male and a female pair are ready to reproduce, they emit semen to fertilize eggs.

Males chirp to boast to other males. This displays their power and ability to compete for females.

The female cricket will lay about 90 days of eggs, which need to be protected from predators. Once the eggs hatch, the female cricket needs to find a place where they will be safe and warm.

How to Get Rid of a Cricket infestation

If you have a cricket problem in your home, there are a few ways to get rid of them. You can vacuum out the insects or make a homemade spray with vinegar and salt.

Another method is to keep the area well-lit. Keeping the area under bright lights during the day can trick the crickets into believing it is nighttime. You can also use molasses as bait to lure the crickets out of the area.


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