How Long Before A Pet Is Considered Abandoned?

April 8, 2023

How Long Before A Pet Is Considered Abandoned?

Leaving your pet alone for too long without adequate food, water and shelter can lead to slow and painful death. This is especially a concern for older pets or those suffering from serious medical conditions, such as cancer or heart disease.

If you suspect that someone has abandoned your pet, call the police immediately and stay with them until they can be rescued. This is important because it helps to ensure that your safety is not compromised and can also be useful evidence in any criminal charges.

There are many options available if you need to surrender your pet, such as a no-kill shelter or an animal rescue group in your area. Rehoming is the most humane option, and it can be an excellent way to let your pet go on to a new life in a loving home.

A veterinarian is not allowed to euthanize an animal that they have placed in their care for treatment or boarding and then abandoned by its owner for at least 10 days, according to Public Health Code part 188. However, a veterinarian must send a first written notice of intent to dispose of the animal to its owner and a second written notice at least 10 days later.

The wait can be a hardship for the veterinarian, who may not have the resources to house and care for an abandoned animal and who may be reluctant to put them down if they do not believe they are in immediate danger. It has been suggested that the time period for which a veterinarian must wait before disposing of an abandoned animal be shortened.


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