How Fast Can A Pig Run?

April 8, 2023

How Fast Can A Pig Run?

Despite being the smallest of the domesticated animals, pigs can run very fast. Their top speed is around 11 miles per hour, and they can attain that speed in just a few strides.

Their speed is very important for pigs, especially in the wild where predators are a common sight. They use their speed to outrun their predators and save themselves from potential harm.

They also use it to find their way home over large distances and can reach up to 11 miles per hour running.

Pigs are known for being social animals and have the ability to form very close bonds with other pigs and humans. They are highly intelligent and can even learn faster than dogs, which is amazing for an animal that is so small!

Newborn piglets can learn to run to their mothers’ voices and recognise their own names by the time they are two weeks old. This is an incredible feat that makes pigs one of the smartest animals on earth!

What’s more, they have great memories that allow them to remember their owners and up to 30 companions. They are also very emotional and expressive, and can be very opportunistic when it comes to finding food.

In the wild, pigs are adaptable creatures that thrive in many different types of habitats and can grow to very large sizes. They are omnivores and have a variety of diets. They also have poor eyesight but good hearing and an acute sense of smell.


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