How Far Can A Squirrel Fall?

April 8, 2023

How Far Can A Squirrel Fall?

You may have heard that squirrels can die from a very large fall, but it’s rarely true. In fact, squirrels have a number of characteristics that enable them to survive a fall even from great heights.

Terminal Velocity

There are a few factors that contribute to squirrels’ ability to survive a fall, including their small size and low terminal velocity. The combination of these factors allows them to survive falls from different heights, allowing them to escape the impact of gravity.

Their tail acts as a stabilizer, and their legs are equipped with shock-absorbing pads that prevent them from being injured by falling rocks or other sharp objects. They also have special cartilage between their ankles, which helps them absorb the impact of a fall without breaking their bones.

The Resistance To Fall

Squirrels are able to withstand a large amount of resistance when they’re falling, which is ten times greater than the force of gravity. This is a result of their large area to mass ratio and physical characteristics.


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