How Did the Catholic Church Respond to the Scientific Revolution?

February 14, 2024

The Church is one of the most influential institutions in history and has a vast collection of knowledge that spans the centuries. The church has been able to provide a spiritual guidance for the followers and is a stronghold of scholastic education. The church has also been able to create a tradition of art, music, and social justice. However, some people, such as agnostic scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, believe that the Church has a negative effect on science.

The Catholic Church has a unique way of responding to new scientific ideas during the Scientific Revolution. During this time, the Church was hostile to new concepts that contradicted its original beliefs. It persecuted scientists that did not conform to its teachings. On the other hand, for scientists that did not contradict the church’s beliefs, it supported them and helped them spread their discoveries to others.

Many of the new discoveries that the church was facing during this time came from astronomers. These astronomers were attempting to find out more about the movements of the stars and planets. However, they were unable to determine their exact location. This caused a lot of controversy because the Bible had several stories about the stars and their movements.

Other ideas that were controversial for the church included ideas of atoms and materialism. This irritated the church because it contradicted Christian values. During this period, many of these scientists, such as Rene Descartes, were not welcome in France or other strict Catholic countries. This made them travel to more liberal countries such as Netherland or England.


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