How Cold Are Hockey Games?

June 1, 2023

Whether you’re watching a game at your local high school rink in the snow or 50 rows back at Bell Centre in Montreal, you can expect it to be cold. The hockey players wear a lot of protective gear that keeps them warm, but the ice arena is usually cool and the fans dress in layers to stay comfortable. The best way to keep warm at a hockey game is by wearing long sleeves and pants with a jacket or sweater. Also, bring a hat to protect your head from flying pucks and a scarf to wrap around your neck.

The ice in hockey arenas is deliberately kept at a cool temperature for a few reasons. First, it prevents the ice from melting, which would make it dangerous to skate on and might require the game to be postponed or cancelled. Second, the cold temperature helps players stay focused and sharp by numbing their pain receptors. This can be a great help in a sport that’s notoriously tough on the body.

However, the cold isn’t necessarily an issue for spectators. The air in a hockey arena will be a little cooler than room temperature, but the overhead heaters should keep you toasty. You can also bring a thermos filled with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to help keep you warm from the inside out. Another important tip for keeping warm at a hockey game is not eating too much before the game. The energy your body uses to digest food raises your temperature, so it’s a good idea to avoid consuming too much beforehand.


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