How Are Sea Arches Formed?

October 4, 2023

A breathtaking sight to see, sea arches showcase nature’s innate artistic prowess. These structures have captured the hearts of romantics and nature lovers alike, and they are a living testament to Mother Nature’s ingenuity.

Sea arches are formed when waves erode and wear away the rock behind them, forming a tunnel from the sea to the land. They are a beautiful natural landform that takes millions of years to form. They can be found in many places all over the world.

These beautiful landforms are a combination of erosion and chemical weathering. Over time, the relentless pounding of the ocean’s waves and wind erode the rock along the coast. The softer rock erodes faster than the harder, more resistant rocks. When the softer rock is worn down to the point that it no longer provides support for the rock above, the arch collapses and leaves a stack of rocks known as a sea cave.

Some sea arches are formed along coastlines with discordant rock types that jut out at the headland. The rock refracts waves as they hit the coastline, concentrating wave energy onto the headland and eroding it more quickly than the surrounding coastline. This process creates sea caves and eventually leads to the formation of a sea arch, such as London Bridge in Australia or Neill Island in India.

These stunning formations dot coastlines around the world, from Hawaii to the UK. But they’re not here forever. Eventually, the force of the ocean will erode them to rubble and leave only the rock that was once a mighty, graceful structure.


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