How and Where Do Moose Sleep?

April 8, 2023

When Do Moose Sleep?

Moose are diurnal (active mainly during the day). They will sleep for much of the night, although they do wake up at times to feed and move around.
They are herbivores that eat bark, leaves, twigs, berries and aquatic plants in the summer and spring. This helps them store more fat in their bodies for upcoming winters.

During winter, moose need to consume about 9770 calories each day to maintain their weight. They also rely on their strong legs to run long distances, jumping over obstacles and swimming across lakes.

Can Moose Sleep While Standing?

Moose can sleep while standing, but they need to keep their head and neck relaxed so that their ears are alert for danger. They usually keep one of their antlers on the ground as they drift off to sleep.

Do Moose Sleep Laying Down Too?

When they are feeling totally safe, moose can be seen resting on the ground, with their antlers and legs tucked close to them. This is called bedding down and they may choose a place within some thickets or scrubby undergrowth to remain partially hidden from predators.

Do Moose Sleep in Caves?

Moose are quite a large animal, and they can be tricky to spot at night. They often cross roads in the dark and are difficult to see through the light beams of headlights.

Moose are solitary animals, and they do not form herds or family groups. They are primarily males, and during the mating season they fight for control over their mate with a set of antlers that can weigh up to 700 kg. They also splash their antlers with urine to attract females.


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