Hiking the Highest Point in Nevada

March 10, 2023

highest point in Nevada

The highest point in Nevada is called Boundary Peak, and it’s 13,147 feet above sea level. It isn’t an official mountain, but it is considered the state’s highest point by many people and most maps will list it as such.

It’s part of the White Mountains, which straddle California and Nevada, so it has a very unique geological history as well as a beautiful scenic view. It’s also a good place to see Johnson Lake, the highest year-round lake in the state of Nevada.

Hiking it up is not easy, but it’s worth the effort if you want to see this breathtaking landscape. The area is very desolate and untouched, but it’s also rich with wildlife and stunning views.

You can start the hike from Dyer, a rural Nevada town that’s a great base for the adventure! Once you’re in the area, head to Queen Mine Road where you’ll find abandoned lodging and a dirt road leading into the White Mountains.

After hiking to the saddle, you’ll have the option of scrambling to the summit. The summit is very difficult, but it’s worth the challenge if you’re looking to bag the highest point in Nevada!

It’s also within the Great Basin National Park, so it’s a popular destination for those who love hiking. It also features some natural wonders, including limestone caves and ancient Great Basin Bristlecone Pine forests. It’s a fantastic location to visit with the family, but you should remember that it’s still very cold at the top so wear layers!


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