Highest Point in Utah - A Single Day Hike

March 10, 2023

highest point in Utah

Most Utah peaks require multi-day backpacking adventures to conquer, but there are some that aren't necessarily too daunting and can be tackled in a single day hike. With this guide to Utah's highest point, you'll be prepared to summit one of the state's most impressive 13-ers in no time!

Highest Peak in Utah: Kingspeak

At 13,527 feet, Kingspeak is the tallest mountain in Utah and the highest point in the Uinta Mountains. It is also the highest elevation in Duchesne County, making it a popular destination for Utah peak baggers.

Hiking to the top of Kingspeak isn't for everyone, as it's a tough 25-mile round trip that most people accomplish as a multi-day backpacking adventure. It's an epic trip that takes a bit of preparation and extra precautions, but if you're up for the challenge, it's well worth it!

The highest point in Utah is situated in the Uintas mountain range, which is part of the High Uinta Wilderness in the Wasatch National Forest. This area is known for its vast stretches of wilderness and is an excellent place for hiking, camping and exploring.

There are many trails to choose from for your peak-bagging adventure, but the best route is to start at the Henry's Fork Trailhead and follow a loop that will take you to the summit of Kingspeak. If you plan on staying overnight, the Henry's Fork Campground is a good option for campers who want to stay near the trailhead, but you will need to be prepared to reserving your campsite in advance!


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