Highest Point in New Jersey

March 10, 2023

highest point in New Jersey

The highest point in New Jersey is located at High Point State Park in the Kittatinny Mountains. This spot offers a spectacular view of three states-New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

It is also the point where the Appalachian Trail crosses the state!

High Point Mountain is home to the 220 foot High Point Monument, built in 1930. It is surrounded by a variety of trails that offer visitors an opportunity to explore the mountain's natural beauty.

In addition to the obelisk, hikers will be treated to vast views of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York! The area is also home to an Atlantic cedar swamp and offers a variety of outdoor activities.

Highlands and Kitatinny Valley

The Northern part of New Jersey is a region characterized by several low mountain ridges that extend northeasterly across the state with valleys and rolling hills between them. This region is often referred to as the Highlands and contains numerous lakes, including Lake Hopatcong.

Coastal Plain

The Atlantic Coastal Plain is the largest land region in New Jersey, covering more than half of the state. This area is characterized by gently rolling hills that are less than 100 feet above sea level, and it is a highly fertile soil that supports agriculture.


The Piedmont is a 20-mile wide strip of land north of the Atlantic Coastal Plain that is characterized by hills and cliffs, and it is home to many large rivers and industrial areas. It is also a highly populated area.


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