Highest Point in Nebraska

March 10, 2023

highest point in Nebraska

The highest point in Nebraska is Panorama Point, 1655 meters (5,429 feet) above sea level. It is located near the juncture of Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado, in the town of Kimball in the southern part of the state.

A wide open vista extends out to the plains, and on a clear day one can see the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to the southwest. The point is on the grounds of the High Point Bison Ranch, owned by Glen and Jill Klawonn.

To reach the point, drive south of Kimball on I-80. At the next turnoff, you will see a sign for Panorama Point.

There is a $3.00 entrance fee, which can be placed in an envelope at the kiosk before the gate. The Klawonn's are extremely friendly and welcome you during the day, and at night they leave the gate open for you to visit.

During the winter, it can be very cold up here, especially when it is snowing, so it is best not to hike in, but instead drive up to the parking area. The owners of the High Point Bison Ranch ask that you do not take photos or videos of the bison in the pasture, as they are very sensitive to human contact.

The climatic features of the Great Plains influence temperatures, wind patterns and storm tracks in all seasons. During summer, hot winds from the southwest can push the average temperature in the central and western parts of the state to 90 degrees F (32 deg C) or more. In the winter, northwestern winds bring in Arctic air masses from Canada, bringing temperatures well below zero.


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