Health Benefits of Hot Weather

February 13, 2023

why do people like hot weather

If you ask a lot of people why they like hot weather, many will say that it's the sunshine. They might also say that they like to be tan, or that it's easier to have fun in the sun than in the cold.

Despite these common perceptions, though, there are some real health benefits to enjoying hot weather. Let's look at a few of them and why you should be embracing it all year long!


When you spend time in the sun, your body synthesises Vitamin D, which has a wide range of health benefits. You can get your daily dose by just spending 15 minutes in the sun.


In warm climates, people tend to be more in a positive mood. They have better attitudes and enjoy life more, according to University of Michigan research.


When temperatures are very high, it's more difficult to stay cool and safe, especially for the elderly and people who have health problems or other risk factors. Fever, dehydration, heart disease, poor circulation, sunburn and prescription drugs can all make it harder for your body to fight off the heat.


In addition to affecting your health, hot weather increases the production of ground-level ozone and particulates that contribute to air pollution. These pollutants affect both people and animals, making them more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. Additionally, they can cause skin damage and make it difficult for people with respiratory diseases to breathe easily.


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