GTA Online Cars - The Deluxo

October 30, 2023

The Deluxo is a unique vehicle in GTA Online, as it is able to switch between ground and air mode. The vehicle can also be equipped with weapons such as a machine gun and homing missiles.

The car was designed by Imponte and is based on the real life DeLorean DMC-12 from Back To The Future, as well as other vehicles such as the Lancia Montecarlo. Its headlights are similar to those of the Renault Alpine GTA/A610, and its rear resembles the Pontiac 6000 and the Nissan 300ZX (Z31).

On land, the Deluxo is a fast vehicle with adequate acceleration and top speed. It has a good chassis with decent handling. However, it can experience some oversteer at medium speeds. Its engine sound is similar to the Infernus and Cheetah, which suggests that it may use a V8 engine.

In the air, the Deluxo is extremely agile. It can easily outmaneuver homing missiles and is a formidable enemy against Opressors. It can even dog fight with one and hold its own.

The Deluxo is a great vehicle to use for high-speed drifting and racing due to its AWD drivetrain. Its acceleration is near the top of all sports cars, and it can reach a high top speed. However, it is prone to clipping objects at very high speeds.


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