Explain How Humans React And Adapt To The Limited Availability Of Water

April 8, 2023

Explain How Humans React And Adapt To The Limited Availability Of Water

The ability to adapt to environmental stress is an essential part of human survival. Depending on the type of stress, humans have developed various types of adaptations that help them to live with it.

Why We Need Constant Supplies Of Freshwater

It is necessary for humans to have constant supplies of fresh water in order for them to be able to survive. The body needs water to keep itself hydrated and to flush out toxins from the organs.

Why We Need To Protect Our Resources And Use Them Wisely

As the Earth’s population grows, there is more demand for freshwater than there is supply. This demand comes from many different sources, including agriculture, industry and urban uses.

Increasing water conservation and efficiency can help ensure that we are using the water we have wisely, protecting our water supplies for current and future generations. By reducing pollution, improving recycling and regulating the use of water for industry and recreation, we can preserve our natural resources.

When we need more water than we can produce, we turn to the oceans and polar ice caps for help. These areas are not only home to much of the planet’s oceans and freshwater, but also provide the oxygen we need for living and growing.

While these natural systems can be resilient to human influence, a global population growing rapidly will put additional strain on our ability to sustainably manage and use our freshwater. Moreover, climate change will affect global flows of goods and people, putting further pressure on the water resource.


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