Does It Snow in Wisconsin?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in Wisconsin

Does it snow in Wisconsin

Depending on where you live in Wisconsin, the answer to that question is "yes" or "no." In fact, Wisconsin has some of the smallest seasonal averages of any state. While the US averages 28 to 35 inches of snow per year, many years in Wisconsin can see more than that - and some can be far below that figure!

First Snowfall Dates in Wisconsin

Typically, the first measureable snowfall occurs in the last week of October across much of northern Wisconsin and in mid to late November along the Lake Michigan shoreline. This is primarily due to higher terrain and lake effect snow showers that occur off of Lake Superior.

Seasonal Snowfall Totals in Wisconsin

Across much of north-central and northeastern Wisconsin, seasonal snowfall totals average from 40 inches to 150 inches. This range can be a bit wide in the southern portion of the state and on the Lake Superior shoreline.

The average onset of the first snowfall in Wisconsin can be quite delayed from the north to the south, with the average date ranging between mid to late October across Lac Vieux Desert in Vilas County and mid to early November at Two Rivers and Washington Island (near Lake Michigan).

Winter Weather Forecasts in Wisconsin

The winters in Wisconsin tend to be colder than most parts of the country. However, the state also experiences occasional winter storms that bring snow, ice, and even rain.


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