Does It Snow in New York?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in New York

Does it snow in New York

The city of NYC is on the East Coast, where snow falls very frequently. While the cold weather can make for a challenging time of year, it’s also beautiful and an unforgettable experience.

When snowfall does occur in NYC, there are many things to do and see, especially if you have a bit of time on your hands. A day trip to a ski resort, an ice rink or the Central Park Zoo are just some of the options.

A Winter Tour

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to spend your day in NYC, consider booking a winter tour with a hop on, hop off bus. This is a great way to explore the city while staying warm and dry, and it’s a great option for those who have limited mobility or are not comfortable driving in snowy conditions.

A Day in the Museums

A winter day in NYC is a great time to visit a museum. There are many excellent ones in the city that are perfect for a day out, such as The Met or the Guggenheim Museum.

You can also take in the sights of New York in a snowy day, including Central Park and Times Square. With a good winter coat, high shoes or boots and many layers of clothing, you’ll have a great time!

When it snows in New York, the streets are usually clear of snow and ice within hours. However, it’s important to remember that sidewalks can still be slippery so keep your shoes or boots dry when you’re out and about.


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