Does It Snow in Missouri?

March 10, 2023

Does it Snow in Missouri

During winters, snow can fall in most parts of the state. However, the amount of snowfall varies from county to county.

January is the snowiest month of the year in Missouri and also the coldest. It usually features temperatures that dip below freezing and snowfall that accumulates to a depth of 3.2 inches in the city.

April is the last month that typically has snowfall in Missouri. Despite this, the average snowfall in most counties still exceeds an inch and rarely drops below half an inch.

May is another month that occasionally has snowfall, but it rarely falls above an inch in most areas. June is the second-snowiest month of the year, but it’s not as common to see snowfall as in December or January.

Summers are generally hot and humid in Missouri. Rainfall is common throughout the year and can come in the form of showers or thunderstorms.

Floods are not uncommon in Missouri. These can occur when heavy rains overload slender rivers and streams.

The Missouri River and the Missouri & Mississippi Rivers are particularly susceptible to floods (Ludlum, 1991). These can cause massive damage to homes, businesses and roads in the state.

To avoid the possibility of flooding, plan your travel around the expected weather conditions and be prepared for unexpected changes. Always have an emergency kit with you in your vehicle containing essentials such as water, blankets and snacks. Be sure to keep a fully charged cell phone in your car as well so that you can contact the police in the event of an emergency.


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