Does It Snow in Maryland?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in Maryland

Does it snow in Maryland

Maryland has a diverse climatic condition, with the eastern part of the state experiencing a humid subtropical climate and the western side experiencing a continental climate. Despite these differences, the state does experience seasonal snowfall in many areas.

Does it snow in Maryland in January?

January is usually the coldest month of the year, with average low temperatures averaging 29 degF (-2 degC). Additionally, this is the time of year when ice storms are most common.

Does it snow in Maryland in February?

In February, measurable snowfall is possible in most of the counties in the state. During this month, the snowiest counties are Carroll, Frederick, and Garrett, where residents typically see over seven inches of snow.

Does it snow in Maryland in March?

Although measurable snowfall is no longer possible in most of the state, it is still possible in cities like Hagerstown, Frederick, Cumberland, Westminster, and Oakland.

Does it snow in Maryland in April?

Spring is a drier season than winter, with fewer days of precipitation. However, the likelihood of a day with precipitation is still quite high.

Does it snow in Maryland in July?

The wettest season lasts 4.5 months, from April 9 to August 26. This season has an average of 11.4 days with at least 0.04 inches of rain or more.

Does it snow in Maryland in October?

The odds of it snowing in October are slim, but it can still happen. Some measurable snowfall is possible in cities like Oakland, Cumberland, and Rockville.


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