Does It Snow in Louisiana?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in Louisiana

Does It Snow in Louisiana

Despite the nickname of the Pelican State, Louisiana does not receive snow regularly. Its climate is humid and warm, so cold air masses don’t have a significant effect. The northern part of the state, including Shreveport and Baton Rouge, can experience snowy winters, but these events are rare.

The Snowiest Months in Louisiana

December is the snowiest and coldest month of the year in the north of Louisiana, but these are still very rarely measurable. Typically, the first snowfall occurs in late January, but it can also happen in November and March.

Snowfalls are usually very light and don’t last long, so it’s best to avoid the areas where it might fall. However, if you do want to visit the north of the state, it’s always better to book a hotel that is equipped with snow-resistant exteriors and indoor heating.

The Weather in Louisiana

Louisiana’s weather is very varied, with a lot of cloudiness and rain in the summer. The state is on the Gulf of Mexico, and that influences its climate a lot.

On average, there are 149 cloudy days and 216 sunny days in Louisiana. It also receives some kind of precipitation about 102 days per year, which can be in the form of rain, snow, hail or sleet.

There have been a few occurrences of snow in Louisiana, but the most notable occurred in December 2017 when it was covered with a dusting of snow and sleet. The amount of snowfall was minimal, but it caused problems for many people in the state.


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