Does It Snow in Idaho?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in Idaho

Does it snow in Idaho

Typically, the first snow falls in Idaho between mid-November and early December. However, the state has been known to see significant accumulation in early October and even December.

The average annual amount of snowfall in Idaho is 20 inches. This is a relatively low amount when compared to other Mid-Latitude states such as Alaska and Colorado.

Snowfall in Boise is also relatively low with an average of 18 inches per year. Generally, this amount of snow is not enough to cover the roads and most of the time, the sun and driving will melt it away quickly.

What’s the difference between snow and rain?

Precipitation in the Treasure Valley is often a mix of snow, ice and rain. Over 75 percent of the total precipitation in the Valley occurs overnight.

Weather conditions can change rapidly during the day with a cold front passing through the Valley producing short duration snow showers or a dusting. When this happens, it can be quite challenging to travel in the morning.

Where do you get the most snow?

The eastern part of Idaho is the most snowy area. This includes Island Park, a mountain resort located near the Tetons.

Snowmobiling is another big attraction in Idaho, with more than 7,200 miles of trails. This makes Idaho one of the best places in the West for the sport.

Fly fishing is a great way to enjoy Idaho's winters as well. The Big Wood River in central Idaho is a favorite, but you can also fish many of the other spring-fed rivers across the state.


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