Does It Snow in Delaware?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in Delaware

Does it Snow in Delaware

Winter is a beautiful time to visit Delaware. Whether you enjoy hiking, shopping for Christmas trees, or ice skating, wintertime is an excellent time to experience all the great things this state has to offer.

Climate & Weather

Delaware is located in the transition zone between humid subtropical conditions to the south and humid continental conditions to the north. The moderating effects of the surrounding water bodies help to reduce temperature extremes compared to inland locations.

Temperatures in Delaware can vary significantly from one place to another and even between seasons. It is possible for summers to be very hot and humid and winters to be cold and snowy, so it is important to check the forecast before making a trip to the area.

Rainfall & Snowfall

It rains often in Delaware and snowfall may occur between storms. It is best to keep a raincoat and umbrella handy, as it can be difficult to predict when a storm will arrive.

Snow Cover & Temperatures

Snow is an essential part of our ecosystem, helping to maintain soil and groundwater levels. It also helps to reflect sunlight and cool the Earth's surface.

As a result, it is very important to have your car ready for driving in the winter. Clearing snow from your car will help to prevent it from breaking down or becoming stranded. It's also a good idea to have an emergency kit in the car, so you can have essentials on hand in case of an accident.


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