Does It Snow in Connecticut?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in Connecticut

Does it snow in Connecticut

Weather is an important part of a trip. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, knowing the temperature and weather conditions of your destination can make all the difference in determining what to pack and how to get around.

Fall is a beautiful time of year to visit Connecticut, with colorful foliage and mild temperatures. However, the state can experience large temperature swings from warm to cold, and rainfall is common.

Spring is a little more moderate, but it still can be wet and humid. The average high temperature in spring is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows ranging from 40 to 60.

Summers can be hot and humid, with daytime highs averaging in the 80s. Thunderstorms are more likely during the summer, which can be damaging when combined with high humidity.

Winters can be chilly, but they usually don't have too much snow. The northwestern regions of the state, particularly the mountains, often see more snow than coastal areas.

The first snow of the season in Connecticut is usually somewhere between November and December, but some areas experience it earlier. Even along the southern coast, most cities experience their first snow sometime during the month of November, if not the beginning of December.


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