Does It Snow in California?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in California

Does it Snow in California

Whether you live in the state or are visiting, a lot of people wonder if it really snows in California. It is hard to imagine this extremely hot and sunny state having snow, but the truth is that it does.

Winter in California begins in November and lasts until February. During these months, it can snow in the higher elevations of mountain ranges.

The coastal areas of the state don’t usually see much snow, but the Northern part of the state does. Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for snow lovers and gets plenty of snow during the winter season.

Kirkwood is the snow capital of the state and it has a score of 82.7, receiving an average of 459 inches of snow during the winter.

Yosemite National Park is another popular destination for snow fans, with its lower elevations generating an impressive 29 inches of snow per year. It’s a photographer’s dream location and the ski resort on the upper parts of the mountains has a great tubing facility.

Mammoth Mountain is another good winter destination in the state with its top elevation of 8,500 feet, and its base is at 5,500 feet. Despite its low elevation, Mammoth Mountain still manages to get an average of 350 inches of snow each year.

The ski resort is known for its high standard deviation, a phenomenon that can cause precipitation to vary significantly from year to year. This can be especially frustrating for snowies, who are forced to plan their trips around the weather patterns rather than enjoying an uninterrupted snowy season.


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