Does It Snow in Arkansas?

March 10, 2023

does it snow in Arkansas

Does it snow in Arkansas?

The state of Arkansas does not receive much snowfall overall, but it does receive occasional slick conditions from time to time. The northwest part of the state, particularly in the Ozark Mountains, is the most often affected by these slick conditions.

Yes, it does snow in Arkansas and it can be a real nuisance for drivers in the state. The latest winter storm that is affecting the state has left some roads slick and dangerous across a wide swath of the state.

Weather Forecast:

It is expected to continue to rain Tuesday into Wednesday with some areas changing over to snow by late Tuesday afternoon. The heaviest snowfall will be in north central and northwest Arkansas.

Snowfall totals can be as high as 6-12 inches in the higher elevations of the Ozark and Boston Mountains, according to the National Weather Service. 1-3 inches will be possible in the lower elevations, as well as along the Arkansas River Valley and in parts of the Ouachita Mountains.

Roads will likely remain icy overnight and into Thursday morning due to the wet snowmelt that will refreeze, according to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. The slick roads will also make travel difficult, said Danny Straessle, the department’s spokesman.

The temperature in the state generally stays relatively cool during the winter, averaging about 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night and about 70 during the day. In spring, however, Arkansas tends to get a lot of rain. The statewide average in April is about 5 inches, while in May it is about 2.


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