Did Jesus Meditate For 40 Days?

June 8, 2024

Did jesus meditate for 40 days?

Meditation is a spiritual practice that involves quieting one's mind and focusing on God's word. Jesus often withdrew to solitary places to pray and reflect on Scripture, which suggests that He engaged in a form of meditation. He also spent time alone fasting and praying before choosing His disciples, another activity that could be described as meditation.

The Bible shows that Jesus practiced meditation, though He did not use the term "meditation." He frequently withdrew to lonely places, such as a mountainside or a solitary cave, and he spent whole nights in prayer. He listened to the Father's voice in these moments of seclusion, which is a possible definition of meditation.

In addition, Jesus meditated on Scripture, especially the words of Moses. For example, when Satan tempted Him in the wilderness, He quoted the words from Deuteronomy that told the Israelites not to forget God's word and that man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. This shows that Jesus meditated on the Scriptures and understood them well.

These examples show that Jesus engaged in a form of meditation similar to the ones done by mystics in early Church history. However, His meditation differed from secular forms of meditation that seek inner peace through self-introspection. His meditation tapped into the guidance of the Holy Spirit and led to powerful teachings. It also involved a deep connection with God, which is what distinguishes Christian meditation from other forms of meditation.


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