Choosing the Best Crystals to Meditate With

June 8, 2024

Whether you are a seasoned meditator or someone just getting started, adding crystals into your routine can significantly enhance your experience. From the calming power of amethyst to the clarity offered by clear quartz, and the grounding support of smoky quartz or black tourmaline to the energetically expansive energy of citrine, there are many different crystals with unique properties that can assist you in meditation.

When choosing the best crystals to meditate with, it's important to think about your intention. This is the guiding force of your meditation and will help to align the crystal's energy with your purpose. The energy of the crystal can also be programmed to support specific outcomes such as healing, emotional balance, or clarity.

It is also helpful to create a sacred space for your meditation session. This could be as simple as a comfortable seat, an area that is free from distractions, and soft music to set the mood. The use of a crystal grid or circle can add an additional layer of energy to your meditation space. To prepare the crystal, cleanse it by leaving it in the moonlight or sunlight, smudging with sage, or placing it in a bowl of salt water (check our Cleansing, Charging & Programming Guide for more info).

Once you have your crystal and your space ready, start your meditation. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, focusing on the energy of the crystal connecting with yours. Visualize this energy as it flows through the crystal into you, nourishing your body and soul.


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