Blue's Clues - Where Do Slippers Sleep?

October 9, 2023

Blue from Blue's Clues wants to read you a bedtime story, but she's not sure where the slippers are. Luckily, she knows a whimsical nursery rhyme that will help you find the slippers. With fun animations and funny classical music, this bedtime story will develop your imagination and memory in no time.

This episode originally aired on December 20, 1999.

The episode featured Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld, A Bug's Life) as the fictitious slipper repair woman. She also appears in the episode "Blue's Big Pajama Party."
Josh narrates this episode.
Join Blue and Josh as they skidoo into bedtime stories for silly monsters like Ooglah Booglah! Watch them get ready for sleep, take a bath, put on their pajamas, brush their teeth, and more. Then, they'll tell a silly monster story!


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