Blanca Opens Up to TCB About Her Powerful Track "Who I Am"

October 4, 2023

Blanca opens up to TCB about her powerful track, "Who I Am," and how it connects with listeners on a deep level. This uplifting song talks about self-acceptance and finding joy in one's uniqueness.

Throughout the season, Blanca has forged a number of strong bonds with some of her co-stars. She shares a strained but respectable kinship with Lulu and Candy Ferocity, frequently clashing with them while still maintaining a sense of mutual respect. She also developed a relationship with Frederica Norman, though this was primarily characterized by their rivalry over the nail salon, which she claimed to own.

In addition to her House family, Blanca has fostered a close bond with Damon Richards and Lil Papi. When she learned that he was a former member of House Abundance, she took him under her wing and provided him with the familial upbringing and nourishment he lacked in his prior home. She also took in Angel, and harbors maternal feelings for him as well.

Blanca also maintains a bond with her older sister Carmen Rodriguez and her children. Although their relationship was strained in the past, she and her siblings have since attempted to make amends and heal the wounds of the past.


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