Below Deck Insider: Where Do the Camera Crew Sleep on Below Deck?

October 30, 2023

From cruising around some of the most beautiful locations on the planet to making an impressive salary, it's easy to see why working on a yacht is such a dream job. But it's not all glitz and glamour when it comes to this reality TV show, as there are a few rules the Below Deck cast must adhere to for the duration of filming. From sacrificing their privacy to pretending the cameras aren't there, these yachties really do have a lot to deal with.

According to a new article from the Bravo blog, Below Deck Insider, the crew on a Below Deck series is pretty tight-lipped about how things work behind the scenes, but there are some clues to be gleaned from past episodes and from interviews with producers and cast members. The biggest revelation is that the yacht's charter guests and the Below Deck cast live on a separate boat from the production team. This means that when it comes time to clock out at the end of a day, the crew must either head back to their vessel or head to shore and stay in a hotel.

The limited space also makes it hard for the yachties to pretend the camera crew isn't there, which leads to a lot of drama when it comes to romantic relationships. In fact, former Below Deck cast member Hannah Ferrier recently admitted that her Tinder and Bumble dates on the show have been a bit of a disaster.


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