Bedding Where Do Deer Sleep?

November 25, 2023

If you want to attract deer to your property, the bedding where do deer sleep is a key factor. In general, deer prefer to bed in thick areas where they can hide while sleeping and preparing for hunting. Deer also need food and water close to their beds. Habitats with a good balance of these factors tend to be bedding areas where do deer sleep.

During each short sleep cycle, a deer dozes for 30 seconds to 3 minutes and then wakes up briefly to look around for predators. If needed, a deer may also urinate and/or defecate during this time.

Deer often look for three things in their bedding areas: high ground, side cover and easy entrance and exit routes. A ridge top is a great spot to start as is the head of a hollow. A bedding area that is sheltered from prevailing winds will be warmer in winter, too.

Both bucks and does prefer to have an escape route from their beds if they sense threats or hunters nearby. If you can help provide a deer with a safe escape route from their beds, they will use them again and again.

To create bedding areas that attract deer, try planting a mix of species that offer different heights of cover. This includes mast-producing trees and shrubs like buckthorn, highbush blueberries and American winterberry, as well as grasses like tall fescue. When you plant these types of vegetation, be sure to include trees with a variety of heights and canopy widths. This way, you can create a bedding site that is attractive for both mature bucks and does and yearlings and fawns.


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