Autocraft Battery - Where to Buy?

April 8, 2023

When it comes to buying a battery for your car, there are a number of factors you should consider. You should choose a battery that will provide your vehicle with consistent performance and long-lasting power.

The Autocraft Silver is an affordable and cost-effective choice for those on a budget. It features a 700 CCA rating and 110 minutes of reserve capacity, making it ideal for a wide range of vehicles.

It is also suitable for a variety of climates. It also has a two-year warranty with purchase.

Alternatively, you can also choose the Autocraft Gold, which is more expensive and offers a higher CCA rating to ensure a strong starting ability in colder weather. This battery is designed to offer maximum starting power for your car regardless of the climate you live in.

Another great feature of AutoCraft batteries is their two-year free replacement warranty, which is perfect for those looking to buy a new battery and want the peace of mind that it will last for a while.

You can find a good Autocraft battery at Advance Auto Parts and in many other stores nationwide. This brand is owned by Johnson Controls, a company that has been contributing to the American automotive industry for over 136 years. They manufacture different parts and products for various vehicles, and they also import batteries from overseas.


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