Asa Akira Meditates While She Gets Fucked

June 8, 2024

In an era where many of us are consumed with reducing our stress levels, one woman aims to raise our libido instead by meditating while she gets fucked.

Asa Akira is not the type to hold back: As a top-billing porn star with an HD camera in her asshole, she's always ready for anything, and her carefree resilience is a screw-you to anyone who'd paint all female porn stars as coerced victims of a misogynist trade.

From the moment she stepped into a studio apartment for her first showcase (a relic of the DVD era of pornography) in New York City, she had one thing on her mind: double penetration. She wanted to make a splash in her industry, and what better way to do it than by flexing her sexy ass for a bunch of guys?

Akira bounds around the ecosystem of American sex work, performing lap dances in a Manhattan champagne room, dominating submissives in a sex dungeon, and acting as the live-in third wheel to a well-off polyamorous couple. Each adventure leaves her free of baggage, richer in anecdotes, and a little wiser about what she wants from the world.

Akira's breezy sexual frankness is infectious. But as the book bounces along, her casual sexiness begins to feel like a shield for deflecting more complicated revelations. At its best, this is a memoir that offers an eye-opening glimpse into the mental processes that lead to explosive sexual performances.


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