Ark: Survival Evolved - Where To Get Silica Pearls

April 8, 2023

Where To Get Silica Pearls?

There are a lot of different resources in Ark: Survival Evolved that you need to collect, and not all are easy to find. For example, Silica Pearls are an important resource that you need to have in order to craft end-game items such as Electronics.

Thankfully, farming Silica Pearls in Ark is actually not that difficult. Unlike Black Pearls, you do not need to have any special tools or items in order to harvest them.

The best way to farm silica pearls is to visit places where they are spawning naturally. There are several places on the map where they spawn, including beaver dams and underwater caves.

Beaver Dams

In ARK, beaver dams are a popular loot spot, where players can find Cementing Paste, rare flowers, tons of wood, and silica pearls in small stacks. However, be aware that beavers can become aggressive if you touch their dam.

Giant Clams

Similarly to beaver dams, giant clams can spawn under the ocean and players can tame them to harvest silica pearls from their shells. Alternatively, players can find silica pearls in places where they spawn naturally, like on the Island map.

Crystal Isles

On the Crystal Isles, there are two underwater locations where you can tame a clam to harvest silica pearls. The first is near the waterfall on the northern side of the lake, and the second is at the waterfall on the western side of the lake. The latter is a more efficient location for silica pearls, because it’s closer to the sea and you don’t have to swim across the ocean to get to it.


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